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Minutes - WS-Addressing Test Suite TF call 8 Dec 2005

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 19:48:12 -0000
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Present: David Illsley (IBM), Mike Vernal (Microsoft), Paul Downey (BT)

agenda+ Action items

ACTION: pauld to define file format (DONE)

a supplied XSLT can convert WS-I monitor logs 
into our own succinct XML format.

ACTION: pauld to supply his message checking tool (DONE)

The observer applies the test case XPath tests to messages 
in a log file using XSLT to generate a Schematron schema.

ACTION: pauld to cite WSDL and simple SOAP 1.2 request/response anon
ReplyTo test case (DONE)

ACTION: pauld to ensure all Mike's tests are incorporated (DROPPED)

- see Tracking of issues, below

ACTION: pauld to flag which tests are for CORE, SOAP, WSDL CR (ONGOING)

Flags exist in the XML, just needs flagging in the HTML


agenda+ Tracking of issues

Now David now CVS access we need to coordinate our efforts and
mop up some of the bugs and outstanding issues

ACTION: David to create a testsuite issues list


agenda+ Some inconsistencies in the tests? [Rick Rineholt]


ACTION: pauld to describe the notify and echo operation semantics 
ACTION: David to fix the WSDL to describe the messages correctly

Discussion of including the test case number in the messages, Paul
uncomfortable as it could promote cheating (from TDD advocates like
himself :) However all see this 'mode' as being useful, esp when
bootstrapping the interop event.

ACTION: pauld to encourage implementers to optionally be able to echo the testcase no.

agenda+ tests 1150 and 1250 [Craig Chaney]


ACTION: David to review the XPaths and documents in tests 1150 and 1250 (ReplyTo)


agenda+ 1131 and 1231 appear to be the same [Craig Chaney]


ACTION: David to review 1131 and 1231 to guess what pauld was thinking


agenda+ The interoperability Event


Arun's coordination concern will be addressed by having at least one
public endpoint for people to check their implementations prior to the event.


agenda+ Call for implementations

No news


agenda+ Missing features?

Concerns, again, over lack of test cases for optional faults.

ACTION: pauld and David to enumerate each optional fault as a sub-feature of SOAP07 


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