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RE: When are the WoT IG Call

From: Soumya Kanti Datta <Soumya-Kanti.Datta@eurecom.fr>
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 16:13:21 +0200
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To: "Romascanu, Dan (Dan)" <dromasca@avaya.com>
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I think the wiki page already has those info, have a look here



Quoting "Romascanu, Dan (Dan)" <dromasca@avaya.com>:

> It ain't easy actually even for those who are attending for a while   
> the IG. There are IG meetings, and TF meetings, and some of these   
> alternate times to accommodate the time zones of participants   
> distributed all over the globe (which is a good thing). But it's   
> hard to follow.
> Would it be possible to create a calendar? Nothing fancy, just a   
> wiki page would help - with the date, time, webex information of the  
>  upcoming calls.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Dan
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>> From: Ashok Malhotra [mailto:ashok.malhotra@oracle.com]
>> Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 5:03 PM
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>> Subject: When are the WoT IG Call
>> I just joined the WoT IG and I am getting confused by all the   
>> messages for TF
>> calls, etc.  When are the WoT IG calls?  And could someone briefly   
>> explain the
>> several TF calls?
>> --
>> All the best, Ashok

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