Re: [whatwg] main element parsing behaviour

On 7.11.2012 13:42, Simon Pieters wrote:

>> Look for example at <hgroup>. It's supported by parsing algorithm as
>> implemented in browsers, so it will remain in spec forever even when
>> it's not actually implemented. With such approach parsing algorithm will
>> became boneyard of proposed but later thrown away elements over the time.
> I think we shouldn't put the parsing algorithm on a pedestal while not
> giving the same treatment to the default UA style sheet or other
> requirements related to an element that have to be implemented.

The difference is that deficiency of parsing algorithm can't be
compensated by JS or CSS. Until new element is widely supported you can
define it's styling in your CSS file or link to Javascript shim which
will provide functionality in older browsers. But I don't think that you
can alter parsing algorithm in the similar way.

Web browsers are now upgraded much more frequently and regularly so
change to PA might look like non problem. But various non-browser
applications are relying on HTML5 parsing libraries and those will not
be regularly updated.


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