[whatwg] <blockquote cite> and <q cite>

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> By the way, I didn't really get the arguments about implementing a 
> construct like:
>   <p><cite><a href="...">...</a></cite> ... <q>...</q></p>
> At least not for visual user agents.

I think the problem is what happens if I am, for example, writing
a 5-paragraph essay comparing two books. I use lots of quotations
from both books in the same paragraph in all five paragraphs, but
the cite information is complete (author+title) only in the first
instance, and the order if source and quotation is mixed up all
over the place. You can machine-process the simple case of one
quote, one cite, but there's no way to machine-process that without
some help.

Another problem is providing citations for a sequence of blockquotes
when none of them have URI sources to put in the 'cite' attribute.
I might have a favorite quotes page, for example. Does it really make
sense that an isolated blockquote in someone's blog gets defined
semantics for its <cite><blockquote> pair but the blockquotes on my
/quotes page/ don't?

Another problem is, how do I present a list of quotes attributed to
one person? E.g.
   My Favorite Quotes from Mark Twain
     * ...
     * ...
     * ...
There's no way to mechanically associate the quotes with Mark Twain.


Received on Friday, 5 January 2007 15:18:41 UTC