Reminder: Disconnect between Streams and DataChannel API models

Just a reminder.... at the recent retreat, the question of whether we
can use / adapt the Sockets API was brought up again, with particular
reference to this proposal:

This API proposal is based on a byte-stream model, not a datagram model.
It is therefore not possible to use the exact same model with either
WebSockets or the DataChannel APIs.

The adaptation in that draft for XHR suggests that a single datagram may
be a Stream, but this does not do anything to solve the pushback problem
for a sequence of datagrams such as is naturally carried by DataChannels.

Anyone wishing to propose using Streams in relationship with the
DataChannels API needs to present a proposal that explains what issues
they are trying to solve, and how they plan on making the Streams API
solve them. It's not obvious that there's a good fit here.

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Received on Monday, 26 May 2014 07:42:43 UTC