Re: [Bug 25724] New: Allow garbage collection of closed PeerConnections

On 5/16/14 10:00 AM, Martin Thomson wrote:
> That leads me to ask whether an ended track needs to drop its 
> reference to its source. I think that the answer can be yes, which 
> allows for more aggressive GC, but I might have missed something. 

Interesting. It seems a bit aggressive to me, unless there's some 
utility in JS to keep tracks around for much longer than the PC. Is 
there really nothing one can do of interest to an ended track? Reading 
information etc?

The only practical difference I could see would be in an about:webrtc 
page (aka chrome://webrtc-internals), that a PeerConnection would seize 
to be listed as an active PC when the track ended. That visual might 
help us decide. The about:webrtc page may list closed PCs as well, in a 
separate list, so it is perhaps not a big deal, however one more thing: 
We do a final stats snapshot when the PC closes for diagnostic reasons, 
and these stats are currently listed in Firefox's about:webrtc page for 
closed PCs, which is a current approximation of call-stats for 
diagnosing a call after the fact. There's more we could add here.

.: Jan-Ivar :.

Received on Friday, 16 May 2014 16:12:01 UTC