Re: Why people munge SDP

Locally the size is not an issue. And if you're sending it over the wire 
then you can just send json diffs...and then just apply them on each 
side.  This makes what goes over the wire considerably smaller than SDP 
and it's then easily manipulated via js.

We've been doing this in an app with a js SDP parser/json structure 
similar to clux's and it's made the dynamic flow scenarios a lot easier 
to manage (or at least achievable).

BTW: I think the output sdp needs to be identical to the input 
(excluding the munged/changed bits of course).


On 18/10/13 19:09, wrote:
>> It has issues - munged(sdp) != sdp . but I like the approach.
> Are they compatible/interoperable/has the same necesary info? If
> that's the case, it would be useful...
> The problem I see myself it's that unluckily for me, the JSON version
> is fairly more verbose (I'm worried about SDP sizes myself) :-(

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