Re: SDP wrapper? Object-oriented API?


     Is it possible to put this to a vote?

     Putting aside the discussion of replacing the offer/answer 
mechanism, is anyone against the idea of adding a Javascript API on top 
of the SDP token to improve usability for end-users? Can the 
specification authors please give their opinion on this?

Thank you,

On 19/06/2013 9:24 AM, cowwoc wrote:
>     To recap, we have the following use-cases for mutating the SDP:
>   * Browser interop (keeping this on the list because I anticipate the
>     need as IE, Safari and Opera come on board)
>   * Prioritizing audio/video streams
>   * Bandwidth limits
>   * Codec limits
>     Please keep these coming. We need to understand all use-cases in 
> order to formulate an API.
> Gili

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