Re: Poll for preferred API alternative


1) Major concern about using low level API

   - Complexity:-

            Whether normal web developers will hesitate to use these APIs.
Will this effect wide involvement of web application developers?

            Do web application developer need to understand about transport
layer concepts?

            Even if library is provided, can we make sure all application
developer will be using same library(if multiple libraries are avilable
developed by various developers who understand the low level APIs)?

            how to ensure how web applications will update to the latest
library avilable?

   - Security :-

            If java script can open UDP port, will this effect web security?

2) Interoperability:

   - If interoperability can be achieved easily by providing additional
functionality on SessionDescription object, whats the extra advantages
given by new approach?

3) Flexibility of codec usage:

   - Current approach doesnt limit support of multiple codecs. Codec
selection should be done inside browser. However, we should provide options
for application developer to select the quality of service. We think this
can be done with current approach.
So, conclusion is to go ahead with current design and future enhancements.


Received on Friday, 7 September 2012 07:31:54 UTC