New version of webrtc draft


the Editor's draft for webrtc 1.0 has been updated. The main changes are:

* removed the section "Obtaining local multimedia content" as this is 
now part of a separate document (being developed by the media capture TF)

* changes to MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack definitions. The objective 
was to capture what has been discussed and concluded at the TPAC f2f and 
in later discussions. The MediaStreamTrack now has a readyState, and 
events for changes. The purpose is to better support the agreed 
functionality that a receiving PeerConnection immediately can create a 
MediaStream object, and the application can be informed, per track, as 
tracks in the MediaStream start receiving data.

The adding/removing tracks to/from a MediaStream is not yet in this 
version, but will be added in the next.

Please review and comment!

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Stefan for the chairs

Received on Thursday, 22 December 2011 13:11:51 UTC