Thursday Telco details

Time: December 15th, 08.00 AM CET
Length: Depends on how much discussion there is, but not more than 2 hours.

IRC:, #webrtc

Zakim: Thursday, 15 December 07:00-09:00 UTC (2:00am-4:00am Boston local)
Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 932782 ("WEBRTC")

Proposed agenda:

* Start, appoint scribe, bash agenda

* Status of API document
** Recent changes
** Planned changes
** Open items
** WoW: use Bugzilla?

* Status of media capture TF

* Actions; report of status
** Send new use cases on getUserMedia to webRTC mailing-list
** Hints API
** Stats API
** Capabilities API
** Data API
** Look into mechanisms to handle incoming notifications, and report to WG
** Propose how to tie into identity frameworks for comms partner
** Draft an API proposal for a DTMF track inside a MediaStream.
** Contact Web and TV/Media TF to understand if their reqs and views of
MediaStreams and Tracks is similar
** Propose update of MediaStream API to allow adding and removing tracks

* Next meeting (the f2f?)

* AoB

//Stefan for the chairs

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