Re: Using W3C Bugzilla for change tracking

On 12/14/2011 06:05 AM, Justin Uberti wrote:
> WG,
> What are your thoughts on moving to using W3C's Bugzilla instance for 
> managing changes to the spec?

(+1) It looks like a nice idea as it helps on keeping track of changes.

> In the recent DTMF discussion, 53 emails were sent across 3 separate 
> threads, with doubtless more still to come as the proposal gets 
> finalized. From my perspective, this makes it hard to fully know the 
> state of the change at any given point in time.
> Whereas, in other W3C WGs, Bugzilla is used to track spec changes, 
> with a single history of the evolution of the proposal, and a clear 
> indication of closure at the end. Consider this example from the HTML 
> WG:
> If time permits, perhaps we could discuss this on Thursday's call. Or, 
> if there are no objections, we can try this approach for the DTMF change.
> --justin

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