Using W3C Bugzilla for change tracking


What are your thoughts on moving to using W3C's Bugzilla instance for
managing changes to the spec?

In the recent DTMF discussion, 53 emails were sent across 3 separate
threads, with doubtless more still to come as the proposal gets finalized.
>From my perspective, this makes it hard to fully know the state of the
change at any given point in time.

Whereas, in other W3C WGs, Bugzilla is used to track spec changes, with a
single history of the evolution of the proposal, and a clear indication of
closure at the end. Consider this example from the HTML WG:

If time permits, perhaps we could discuss this on Thursday's call. Or, if
there are no objections, we can try this approach for the DTMF change.


Received on Tuesday, 13 December 2011 21:05:59 UTC