Re: WebRTC requirements for Audio WG

Hi Olivier,

Le mercredi 07 décembre 2011 à 10:54 +0000, Olivier Thereaux a écrit :
> [[ The WebRTC WG will send requirements to the Audio WG to ensure they 
> get properly addressed by the Audio WG. ]] -- 
> Given the requirements document published here:

Thanks for digging these out!

> My understanding is that the applicable requirements for the Audio WG 
> are A8, A13, A14, A15 and A16, and that to a lesser extent F5, F6, F9, 
> F13, F14 and F18 are also relevant (see below for expanded list). Could 
> you confirm this is a reasonable assessment, and point out requirements 
> which I may have forgotten but which the Audio WG should look at?

Giving my own (and to be honest, currently limited) analysis on your
* I think A8 (mute/unmute) probably doesn't need anything from the Audio
API — we can already handle it by disabling a MediaStream object.

* echo cancellation (F9) was specifically discussed during the F2F; the
current requirement asks whether this is something that needs to be
dealt only at the browser level, or also at the Web app level. If the
latter came out to be needed as well, then that would raise the need for
the Audio API. I'll start a new thread on that topic.


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