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Re: Making tutorial into manual structure

From: Renoir Boulanger <renoir@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 11:57:54 -0400
Message-ID: <5370EF82.4000604@w3.org>
To: public-webplatform@w3.org
Oh boy.

I'm sorry for that, it seems that my Mail User-Agent decided to
concatenate all the formatting I made.

Giving it another shot:


  Uhm. I'm sorry if I hadn't answered your questions. As for the

  Can you elaborate on the "manual" structure. After looking at mailing
list moderation) I just found your email and I accepted it.

  Normally on a mailing list, when you send for the first time, it is
customary to receive a "please confirm" email right after you sent it.

  The action to do is to actually follow the steps that are generally to
reply to that confirmation message. Its not simple... but that's because
of non-sollicited emails ("spam"). But fear not anymore, I accepted your
address. You should now be able to send emails to the list directly now.

  Let's continue that conversation on the mailing list. This "UserBoard"
feature will eventually be removed and its better in our contact methods
to use the mailing list instead.



  I don't think you understood what I sent about tutorial and document
guide. It's that page to I was referring to. mdn guide is straight to
the point... I don't like the author in-between, I try reading the good
part before, and I just don't like the author in between. I come to love
reading the document manual guide structure. No author put in the just
face, here it is type read. with example. Thanks for trying to help. I
know of enlighten book. I read, pass it through a search on  O'Reilly
site. I'll see to looking at it when if the time come. again thanks.


  I'm not into frameware or I don't think I'll ever be. It's not
javascript to me. unless you would like to explain frameware, if not
that's okay, I'll come to it in my studies.

L2L2L, posted 2 days ago:

  Thanks, and I did... I think.. they send me an email back asking
permission to post it up on their board or something.

Renoirb, posted 2 days ago:

  Hi L2L2L,

  WebPlatform Docs is definitely aiming at what you are saying. Remember
though, we are on the making and every contributor chiming in and
helping on what they'd like is priceless to us. Contribution from both
experienced and less experienced brings subjects on the table that might
have been forgotten due to the weight of what we have to do.

  In case you didn't know, we have tutorials available

  Here's what I recommend you to read:

  -   JavaScript the good parts by Douglas Crockford
  -   JavaScript Enlightenment by Cody L.

  My current interest is in complex systems applied to the web. What you
might want to have a look at is:

  -   Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans (you might have to read it a
few times though, that's where i'm at, actually.)
  -   Web Performance playbook by Stoyan Stefanov

  Also, what people such as those publish:

  -   Nicholas C. Zakas
  -   Michelle Sullivan

  Some javascript tools:

  -   http://aurajs.com/
  -   Angular JS
  -   Gulp

  I gotta go, but I can give you more advice if you are interested.
Also, i'd like you to send those comments you just sent to the mailing list.


L2L2L, posted 2 days ago:

  This is what I sent them today, and I'm asking the same of you.

  I like the look of your site, but w3school do a better job in
presenting the information. All tutorial in my opinion should be a
manual structure. Even know you have example and information show and
explaining the example, I’ll still say msdn lack of information present
it to you as HIS(Here it is) way, than an author writing a book.

  Subtract the extra out the way, and make this into a guide, manual,
document like structure, with example show casing each information. I
would do it, but then you would need an editor to come behind for as you
can see my grammar isn’t that good.

L2L2L, posted 16 days ago:

  I sent a request, then they send me a list, and.. it was a bit to
much,I'm a beginner, a novice. A forum works better for me, where I can
go, and just post a question. But thanks for your assistant.

L2L2L, posted 16 days ago:

  thanks Renoirb.

Renoirb, posted 16 days ago:

  ... subsequent mails goes without the -request part. e.g.
public-webplatform@w3.org. The W3C is the organization who creates the
webstandards, most of our work is public.

  The WebPlatformDocs project is precisely for what you are talking
about, hope you enjoy.

Renoirb, posted 16 days ago:


  To subscribe, just send an email with subject "Subscribe" to

  Mainling list are much older than discussion forums, you might just
get what you want with this :)

L2L2L, posted 16 days ago:

  could you send me the link? or is that it below your first post?

Renoirb, posted 16 days ago:

  I invite you to send an email to the mailing list with your argument.

  This is the way we are using. In fact, I'm sure that people would not
mind answering questions if you can even ask your general web
development questions there.

  Our focus is about documenting but your argument has its virtue.

  Although my job is to maintain the site, we are a community. If you
bring the issue to the table to the mailing list, you will have our
community reconsider it.

  Again, if you have basic web dev questions, why not asking them there.


L2L2L, posted 16 days ago:

  I'm suck going to w3school's forums for help. I like them, but I want
another forums I can go to for help with my questions.

  A question and answer forums would be good.

  I ask three question on stackoverflow and they banned me from asking
anymore saying they was not of stander, or not of high quality.

  They should have another site for more middle stander question.

  I think it would be good, it'll be a great ideal for this site too, to
interact with the ones who actually use this marital to see how this
would make it better.

  One day I ask a couple of question that did not instruct on their
tutorial, and that same day it almost seem as if they updated they
tutorial base on the question I ask, when I confront them on why don't
they have a post for updates on the tutorial, they say the ones that
update the tutorial does not come to or communicate with the forums...
which I find.... Anyway.

  Please consider having a question and answer forums again.

Renoirb, posted 16 days ago:

  Hi, Welcome among us!

  I just saw your note on the IRC channel \#webplatform. If you want to
participate to the efforts with us, you might also want to subscribe to
the mailing list. This is also the best place to make any suggestions.

  As for your suggestion to have a "Forum" area. The mailing list
archive is already doing this [0]. We are aware of the existence of web
based softwares for this and we had one. But due to the nature of our
content and our focus we decided to not support a focum.

  I'm renoir@w3.org, you have questions.


     [0]: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webplatform/


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