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Re: Making tutorial into manual structure

From: Renoir Boulanger <renoir@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 11:52:23 -0400
Message-ID: <5370EE37.1000104@w3.org>
To: Emanuel Allen <emanuelallen@hotmail.com>
CC: public-webplatform@w3.org
Hi Emanuel, Welcome to our mailing list!!

For the folks in the list, you have to know that its the follow up on a
conversation that happened MediaWiki's UserBoard I had with Emanuel for
a few days already. You can see the thread here [0]. I'm going to paste
the content in this message, so we don't lose the context in our archive
when the UserBoard will be disabled [1]

During the conversation with Emanuel, he suggested that we have a forum
for Q&A. Our decision to disable it due to the fact that it was maybe
diffusing what we should focus on: the content. More explanations in
this blog post draft [2].

I'd like to see other people in the community answer to the questions
asked here.

  [1]: (see "Conversation thread" at the bottom of this message)



[1]: Conversation thread
> Renoirb, posted today: Uhm. I'm sorry if I hadn't answered your
> questions. As for the Can you elaborate on the "manual" structure.
> After looking at mailing list moderation) I just found your email and
> I accepted it. Normally on a mailing list, when you send for the first
> time, it is customary to receive a "please confirm" email right after
> you sent it. The action to do is to actually follow the steps that are
> generally to reply to that confirmation message. Its not simple... but
> that's because of non-sollicited emails ("spam"). But fear not
> anymore, I accepted your address. You should now be able to send
> emails to the list directly now. Let's continue that conversation on
> the mailing list. This "UserBoard" feature will eventually be removed
> and its better in our contact methods to use the mailing list instead.
> Regards. L2L2L, posted 2 days ago: I don't think you understood what I
> sent about tutorial and document guide. It's that page to I was
> referring to. mdn guide is straight to the point... I don't like the
> author in-between, I try reading the good part before, and I just
> don't like the author in between. I come to love reading the document
> manual guide structure. No author put in the just face, here it is
> type read. with example. Thanks for trying to help. I know of
> enlighten book. I read, pass it through a search on orally site. I'll
> see to looking at it when if the time come. again thanks. (...) I'm
> not into frameware or I don't think I'll ever be. It's not javascript
> to me. unless you would like to explain frameware, if not that's okay,
> I'll come to it in my studies. L2L2L, posted 2 days ago: Thanks, and I
> did... I think.. they send me an email back asking permission to post
> it up on their board or something. Renoirb, posted 2 days ago: Hi
> L2L2L, WebPlatform Docs is definitely aiming at what you are saying.
> Remember though, we are on the making and every contributor chiming in
> and helping on what they'd like is priceless to us. Contribution from
> both experienced and less experienced brings subjects on the table
> that might have been forgotten due to the weight of what we have to
> do. In case you didn't know, we have tutorials available
> [http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/tutorials](http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/tutorials)
> Here's what I recommend you to read: - JavaScript the good parts by
> Douglas Crockford - JavaScript Enlightenment by Cody L. My current
> interest is in complex systems applied to the web. What you might want
> to have a look at is: - Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans (you might
> have to read it a few times though, that's where i'm at, actually.) -
> Web Performance playbook by Stoyan Stefanov Also, what people such as
> those publish: - Nicholas C. Zakas - Michelle Sullivan Some javascript
> tools: - [http://aurajs.com/](http://aurajs.com/) - Angular JS - Gulp
> I gotta go, but I can give you more advice if you are interested.
> Also, i'd like you to send those comments you just sent to the mailing
> list. Regards L2L2L, posted 2 days ago: This is what I sent them
> today, and I'm asking the same of you. I like the look of your site,
> but w3school do a better job in presenting the information. All
> tutorial in my opinion should be a manual structure. Even know you
> have example and information show and explaining the example, I’ll
> still say msdn lack of information present it to you as HIS(Here it
> is) way, than an author writing a book. Subtract the extra out the
> way, and make this into a guide, manual, document like structure, with
> example show casing each information. I would do it, but then you
> would need an editor to come behind for as you can see my grammar
> isn’t that good. L2L2L, posted 16 days ago: I sent a request, then
> they send me a list, and.. it was a bit to much,I'm a beginner, a
> novice. A forum works better for me, where I can go, and just post a
> question. But thanks for your assistant. L2L2L, posted 16 days ago:
> thanks Renoirb. Renoirb, posted 16 days ago: ... subsequent mails goes
> without the -request part. e.g. public-webplatform@w3.org. The W3C is
> the organization who creates the webstandards, most of our work is
> public. The WebPlatformDocs project is precisely for what you are
> talking about, hope you enjoy. Renoirb, posted 16 days ago: Yes. To
> subscribe, just send an email with subject "Subscribe" to
> public-webplatform-request@w3.org. Mainling list are much older than
> discussion forums, you might just get what you want with this :)
> L2L2L, posted 16 days ago: could you send me the link? or is that it
> below your first post? Renoirb, posted 16 days ago: I invite you to
> send an email to the mailing list with your argument. This is the way
> we are using. In fact, I'm sure that people would not mind answering
> questions if you can even ask your general web development questions
> there. Our focus is about documenting but your argument has its
> virtue. Although my job is to maintain the site, we are a community.
> If you bring the issue to the table to the mailing list, you will have
> our community reconsider it. Again, if you have basic web dev
> questions, why not asking them there. Regards. L2L2L, posted 16 days
> ago: I'm suck going to w3school's forums for help. I like them, but I
> want another forums I can go to for help with my questions. A question
> and answer forums would be good. I ask three question on stackoverflow
> and they banned me from asking anymore saying they was not of stander,
> or not of high quality. They should have another site for more middle
> stander question. I think it would be good, it'll be a great ideal for
> this site too, to interact with the ones who actually use this marital
> to see how this would make it better. One day I ask a couple of
> question that did not instruct on their tutorial, and that same day it
> almost seem as if they updated they tutorial base on the question I
> ask, when I confront them on why don't they have a post for updates on
> the tutorial, they say the ones that update the tutorial does not come
> to or communicate with the forums... which I find.... Anyway. Please
> consider having a question and answer forums again. Renoirb, posted 16
> days ago: Hi, Welcome among us! I just saw your note on the IRC
> channel \#webplatform. If you want to participate to the efforts with
> us, you might also want to subscribe to the mailing list. This is also
> the best place to make any suggestions. As for your suggestion to have
> a "Forum" area. The mailing list archive is already doing this [0]. We
> are aware of the existence of web based softwares for this and we had
> one. But due to the nature of our content and our focus we decided to
> not support a focum. I'm renoir@w3.org, you have questions. Regards
> [0]: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webplatform/

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