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Making tutorial into manual structure

From: Emanuel Allen <emanuelallen@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 17:26:34 -0400
Message-ID: <BAY402-EAS345C6E085C572BC7835237DE480@phx.gbl>
To: <public-webplatform@w3.org>
I like the look of your site, but w3school do a better job in presenting the
information. All tutorial in my opinion should be a manual structure. Even
know you have example and information show and explaining the example, I'll
still say msdn lack of information present it to you as HIS(Here it is) way,
than an author writing a book. Subtract the extra out the way, and make this
into a guide, manual, document like structure, with example show casing each
information. I would do it, but then you would need an editor to come behind
for as you can see my grammar isn't that good.



With that said, also:


Do you know any good reading material, to give you an ideal of what I'm
looking for; I have read through W3School's html, css, JavaScript and
jQuery, I went back and read JavaScript tutorial three times... and
afterward I found out W3fool, but still like the site, and the forum to it
too. along with that I read through msdn fundamental guide two or three
time, msdn advance guide one time, mdn's JavaScript guide three time,
DevEdge's JavaScript manual one time. I found out I like this type of
learning; where the information is giving directly to me with example
showing underneath it. I know there are good books out their by programmer,
but I don't like the in-between author comments and little story. I want
information after information after information with example show casing
each one and even some work alone is nice, which I do anyway with the
example to just practice with. Please, I'm concentrating only on JavaScript
before I move on back to html and css to dev deeper into them, then
php(maybe I don't know, I was thinking on the server side to learn php)
please, do you know any reading material as the ones I mentioned. 

I just learn while searching for more JavaScript guides, manual, and
documents to read is that events handler or an event listener are web api,
so now I know I have to learn that too, am I correct about it being that? I
know I probably am, but just want to check with a programmer.

And again please, I'm the one who want to RTFM and RTFD,(and my on add on
RTFG(G for guide)) so please point me the way. 

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