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Chat logs, and the need for talk subdomain

From: Renoir Boulanger <renoir@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 17:09:20 -0500
To: public-webplatform@w3.org
Message-ID: <20140306220920.GB3848@jay.w3.org>
Hi folks,

I have a few questions for you about the `talk.webplatform,org` subdomain and what we serve from there. 

It is a low priority issue, but the following questions arose in my mind while I was working on the future anntation service.

1. Keeping the talk subdomain

Our caching service, Fastly, is providing us a limited number of services. If I was to create a new service in Fastly, I would get closer to the maximum number of services allowed. 

I'm trying to find spots in our setup that could be simplified. Since the talk subdomain is now serving only two static pages, I was wondering if we really wanted to keep it.

I think its time to see if we really need it.  

  - http://talk.webplatform.org/chat/
	- http://talk.webplatform.org/

Maybe we should keep it for the future (e.g. we re-install a NodeJS IRC chat client).

To add to the use of it, I am suggesting we add the following.

  - http://talk.webplatform.org/chatlogs/ (see 2, below)
	- http://talk.webplatform.org/notes/ (see 3, below)

I'd like your opinion on the location of the previous links and also where/how we should link them in our content.

2. News about the chat logger

Some time ago, I repaired the chat logger. We now have it back on #webplatform and I am planning to import some chat logs from Doug's chat client to attempt fixing the moment we didn't had it working.

Again, not a priority, just a thought about it.

That being said, In the talk pages, I do not see any links to the chat logger and to add up, we talk about an IRC web client that doesn't exist anymore.

I understand that the pages in the talk domain were generated in a complex way, and during the server migration I fixed the issue by creating static pages. Now that I published the static pages to github.

This calls for some content update! :)

Is you want to help, you can suggest content, its located here [1]. You are welcome to fork and suggest edition through a Pull-request.

3. Annotation server address and Fastly limits

Like I said earlier, we do not have an unlimited set of services
available to use in Fastly. Doug and me thought we could create (yet)
another subdomain for it on the name `notes.webplatform.org`.

How about we slim down the number of services by having everything under
one domain name that is related to discussions (chat logger, irc client,
annotations, etc).

Thoughts, opinions, objections.

  [1]: https://github.com/webplatform/static-pages/tree/master/talk


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