Re: Onboarding new members

Hi Julee, folks

After some MediaWiki reverse-engineering. I realize that you can change
the content by editing a set of wiki pages.

Here they are: 
(I'm unsure if its used, yet)

Those are the original english message.  I could see the two first by
creating an account, and changing 2x the email address, and language to
see them.

Note that while the MediaWiki:Confirmemail_body_created is mentioned in
the includes/User.php::sendConfirmationMail() class but I could not see
it in my email during my tests.

Another interessting quirk is that we are not limited to those ones
—besides the fact that we might be able to change other messages MW
sends— but it also sends a message depending on the user chosen language.

MediaWiki also has a preference ( ) that allows you
to change your preference.

The communication email messages are sent through the same wiki page,
but with a .../{variant_code}

(yes, there are a few!)

Here’s what I’m suggesting:

1. Use the MediaWiki:Confirmemail_body for the welcome message
2. List all users and sort them by language
3. Define which are duplicates —e.g. we might not need 3 variants of
english [en, en_ca, en_gb]
4. Find translators for other most popular languages —I can help for the
french, and we might have help accessible for Portugese, German and Chinese.
5. Proffit!

I can make some database queries and get you anything you want, I just
need to spend time to read the code :)


Renoir Boulanger  |  Developer operations engineer
W3C  |  Web Platform Project  ✪  @renoirb

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