Driving This Week's WPDW

Hi, Chris, Julee, Eliot-

This week, the Google folks are busy with Google IO, and I'm preparing a 
talk for OpenVisConf in Boston (on an topic mostly unrelated to WPD, 
making data visualizations accessible), so I apologize that I won't be 
very responsive this week.

I've asked Chris and Julee to help drive this week's WPD Wednesday. 
Here's what I think needs to be done:

1) Select a set of topics (15=25 articles) today or tomorrow
2) Write a descriptive, inspirational blog post describing these 
properties, to post on Wednesday when we announce this week's topics
3) Populate the relevant pages [1][2][3] (note that Scott suggests using 
the spreadsheet instead of the master list page, which I'm fine with)
4) Assign Coordinators for this week
5) Report on progress, and include a summary in the blog post, to build 
and keep momentum
6) (Anything else?)

Since several of us are gone, maybe we should only do 15 properties this 

[1] http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/Meta:web_platform_Wednesday
[2] http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/Meta:web_platform_wednesday/2013-05-08


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