How do I assign an existent issue to beta?

Hi, Garbee:

I'm stuck, so I thought if I asked on the public list, we'd help others as
well. I've added a Beta milestone for all the projects. But now I'm going
through bugs and targeting them to that milestone. I can't figure out how to
do that from the individual bug's page.

1. When I create a bug.[1]
     * I can set the reproducibility, time to fix, priority, resolution, and
severity. I can't set the milestone here.
2. I select "File Issue" and the bug is created.[2]
     * I expect to see a milestones field, such as the "Targetted for" field
in this bug.[3]
     * For a workaround, I know that I assign the milestone from the open
bugs page.[4]

Would you please give me the steps for assigning a milestone when I'm
creating a bug or come across a bug that isn't set to a milestone?

Also, in the "More Actions" drop down, what does "Mark as blocking the next
release" have to do with the Beta milestone I've set?

Thanks much for any insight here!




Received on Wednesday, 1 May 2013 05:38:04 UTC