Re: Poorly implemented redirects may be causing the 503s

It was Denis, but I thought he was doing the conservative thing.[1]


On Aug 18, 2013, at 11:11 AM, "Doug Schepers" <<>> wrote:

Hi, Ryan–

On 8/18/13 3:59 AM, Ryan Lane wrote:
Whoever set up the redirects for<>
<><something> forgot something incredibly
important. See: <>. It redirects
to /wiki/robots.txt, which is definitely not correct. That robots.txt
disallows /w, which includes all the special pages. This is very likely
one of the causes the 503s as a lot of the special pages create database
connections and some are long lasting.

In fact, most of the resources in the shared doc root are broken. This
redirect configuration is really evil. I thought we were going to do
very specific redirects, like js, css, etc.? Why is this done in such a
blanket way?

I don't know who set those up... possibly Denis?

If you think it needs to be changed, can you describe what needs to be
done, and file a bug? Or perhaps do it yourself, if you have time.

Thanks for looking into it more deeply.


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