Re: Please review WPW draft blog post

Some folks still do not have access to draft posts, so here's the copy:

[[A lot of folks are vacationing now, far away from gridlock. But wait! Grid
layout needs your help!
Up to this point, our main focus was to edit content graciously donated by
Microsoft, updating it to match the latest specs, and adding more examples
and details. With this week's properties, we're mostly starting from
scratch. We've created the pages, but there's no content at all. So when you
go to contribute, you have a tabula rasa  a blank slate  or should we say
a template rasa, because the template is there. You get to fill it in.
As NicdaCosta mentioned in an earlier blog post, these new properties allows
developers to create fluid grids without having to resort to older
techniques. And here's a great article to get you started on Grid Layout
<> . Also, make sure to
check out a fantastic new editor's draft on CSS Grid Layout
<>  that explains the background and
motivation, and provides many enlightening examples.
What's better than a fresh start and a good reference? Well, maybe a few
things, but here at, we rank these pretty high.
So, head on over to the Web Platform Wednesday page
and see where you can help. If you find any properties that you want to help
contribute to, have any questions or even are not sure where to start, come
and chat with the coordinators in the #webplatform IRC Channel
<>  or via email on the
mailing list <> , as there is always someone
who will be happy to help.]]




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And here's the proposed tweet:

Read the new CSS Grid Layout ED Then write
the docs & samples @webplatform <>
Wednesdays #WPW <> .


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Subject:  Please review WPW draft blog post
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Hi, folks:

This week's blog post is up in draft form.[1] If you have access will you
please review it?



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