WebPlatform Facebook Page?

Hi, folks–

Someone created a Web Platform Docs page [1][2] on Facebook, and added a 
few posts there; the last post was May 21, so it seems they are no 
longer actively maintaining it.

I sent them a message via Facebook, but there was no reply, and there 
doesn't seem to be a way to discover who created the page.

Renoir would like to set up some automated messaging to all our social 
media accounts (Twitter, G+, Facebook, etc.), so we'd like to have admin 
access to the Facebook account.

Does anyone know who created the Facebook page? (It wasn't Tobie...)

[1] https://www.facebook.com/WebPlatformDocs
[2] https://www.facebook.com/WebPlatformDocs/info


Received on Wednesday, 14 August 2013 00:44:44 UTC