Plan: How to work with the infrastructure


I want to provide you a small summary of how I plan to edit/apply/test the configuration using the infrastructure we have.

Some part might need some more work and we will need a proper (and probably private) git repository to transfer configuration between environments.

For this, I created a page in the wiki 

The document is currently work in progress, but should outline how to install the tools to work on the infrastructure.

Next steps

I am currently modifying the states to isolate piwik out of app[+d]  to a separate instance. 

Progress is going well, I wanted to share with you how I am working prior to tell that I am ready for deployment.


Renoir Boulanger  |  Developer operations engineer
W3C  |  Web Platform Project  ✪  @renoirb

Received on Monday, 12 August 2013 22:58:44 UTC