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Awesome - thanks for all the efforts in helping to promote the event, Renoir!

Cheers, *Jay

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So you know

I published a few minutes ago on G+ and Twitter again.

Also, a person I know from the PHP community -- Jordi Boggiano -- is going as he is using the co-working space.

I hope it helped.


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On 2013-08-05, at 3:27 PM, Andre Jay Meissner <<>> wrote:

Wheehew, awesome! Please just copy or RT or both!

Switzerlands 1st @WebPlatform<> Doc Sprint #WPDS<> is on Aug 28, together w @frontendconfch<> & @ColabZurich<>! Sign up now: <>

Would be awesome if you could do tomorrow your AM since this would be a much better fit for the european timezone. Appreciate any follow up tweets mid of week or both next weeks as well, compare my E-Mail "We need YOUR help..." from today.

Are there any other WPD Social Media accounts you could do similar? G+? FB? App-Net?

THANKS a bunch Renoir & welcome from my end as well!

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