Changes in Site Notice

Hi, folks-

Even if you dismissed the site notice before (the "alpha warning"), you 
will see it again now [1]. You can dismiss again, and it will stay away 
until the next time it's changed.

There are a few specific changes I'd like to note:

1) I tried to make it still obvious, but less ugly; I may or may not 
have succeeded, and I'm happy to have someone suggest changes.

2) I actually changed the DismissableSiteNotice extension itself to let 
me style it more easily, since it (annoyingly) included inline styles in 
its output; I reduced the number of elements, added IDs to make it more 
discretely stylable, and replaced the word "dismiss" to a Unicode 
character, adding the "dismiss" word to the link title to keep it 

3) It now features a specific call to action, which I've made visually 
distinct; in this case, it's the MSDN JS docs "campaign". We could also 
add the CSS campaign.

4) The link to the campaign includes a special URL query string to allow 
us to track the effectiveness of this new call to action in the site 
notice (e.g., how many people click on it).

I'm hoping that this specific call to action might be more effective and 
directed than a general call for help; it could engage a specific kind 
of contributor who identifies themselves with the technology.

However, we still need to refine our conversion of interested potential 
contributors to enabled contributors. We've already had some expressions 
of interest, so we need to find the best way for them to direct their 




Received on Saturday, 27 April 2013 19:57:11 UTC