Re: Web Identity and Discovery - WebID 1.0

On 2/7/13 3:24 AM, Henry Story wrote:
>> >3. can someone point me to an application architecture in connection
>> >with webID besides robots that would make such a lack performance really
>> >feelable for the enduser.
> Tim Berners lee pointed out to issues he had with Tabulator in terms of
> speed and other issues.

Can we take this to a straw poll. Let's save everyone's time on this 
matter. I don't agree with this position for a plethora of reasons. As 
you will find out (I am sure) via a poll that includes those who have 
actually built and deployed Linked Data solutions, this paragraph is an 
undue distraction and detraction re., the definition of a WebID (an HTTP 

Yourself and Andrei shouldn't use editorial position to ignore the 
fundamental findings from an important vote. That simply isn't right 
when dealing with a community such as this i.e., once comprised of 
people how have developed and deployed Linked Data applications for many 



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