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> On 2/7/13 3:24 AM, Henry Story wrote:
>>> >3. can someone point me to an application architecture in connection
>>> >with webID besides robots that would make such a lack performance really
>>> >feelable for the enduser.
>> Tim Berners lee pointed out to issues he had with Tabulator in terms of
>> speed and other issues.
> Henry,
> Can we take this to a straw poll. Let's save everyone's time on this matter. I don't agree with this position for a plethora of reasons. As you will find out (I am sure) via a poll that includes those who have actually built and deployed Linked Data solutions, this paragraph is an undue distraction and detraction re., the definition of a WebID (an HTTP URI).

Can you specify what you don't agree with in one line. We can have a straw poll 
tomorrow at the teleconf to see what the mood is like, and how to proceed.

> Yourself and Andrei shouldn't use editorial position to ignore the fundamental findings from an important vote. That simply isn't right when dealing with a community such as this i.e., once comprised of people how have developed and deployed Linked Data applications for many years.

That text was in the spec. Andrei whittled it down to the above two sentences, removing all the text the definition made obsolete. But those sentences as pointed out do not contradict the definition in my view. 

I suggest an improvement:

<p class="note">Hash URIs are encouraged when choosing a WebID since 303 redirects require an extra HTTP request for an Agent to get from the <tref>WebID</tref> to the <tref>WebID Profile</tref>. All examples in the spec will use such hash URIs.</p>

In any case I believe this is a new issue. If we can't solve this tomorrow, I will suggest you open up an issue on it, and follow the normal procedure.


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