Re: editorial: fixup all '<a>...</a>' to be '[=...=]' ?

 >> From: =JeffH []
 >> Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 4:00 PM
 >> should we fixup all occurrences of '<a>...</a>' to be the new hotness
 >> '[=...=]' ?

On 3/2/17 7:18 AM, =JeffH wrote:
 > vijay replied:
 >> I was thinking the same thing. Also <em>foo</em> to *foo* maybe?
 > sure.

well, I've attempted a blanket change of all occurrences of '<a>...</a>' 
to be '[=...=]' and bikeshed got the flu and impressively projectile 
barfed to the extent that it was not at all clear what caused it.

So doing the '<a>...</a>' to be '[=...=]' thing will take some work 
beyond a simple-minded blanket find-n-replace (sigh).

Also, bikeshed ignores the emphasis portion of '*[=...=]*' and renders 
the '*'s which seems..uh..suboptimal.

So for now some '<em>...</em>' constructs need to stay around -- 
'<em>[=...=]</em>' works correctly.


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