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Re: PR#109: Editorial polishing of abstract, intro material, terminology, etc.

From: <jeff.hodges@kingsmountain.com>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 12:44:08 -0600
Message-ID: <20160525124408.Horde.IGbCJ9wZIuncVyDa_NWsYlM@box514.bluehost.com>
To: public-webauthn@w3.org
thanks to Vijay for his review -- I'm working through his comments --  
IIUC how PRs work, I can add commits to the source branch  
"vijaybh-lots-of-fpwd-issues-jeffh-build" to address them, and since a  
PR is essentially just a pointer, it will automagically reflect the  
new commits, yes?

On 5/24/16, 12:07 PM, "jeff.hodges@kingsmountain.com"  
<jeff.hodges@kingsmountain.com> wrote:

Howdy folks,

fyi, I took a stab at editorial polishing of abstract, intro material,
terminology, etc.  The PR is here..


It explicitly includes a bunch of Vijay's recent commits (which have
already been merged to master) because of the way I created my branch,
my commits are down at the bottom of the commit list.

Also, there is a textual diff in the
"vijaybh-lots-of-fpwd-issues-jeffh-build" branch here..


..github will render it in the browser (cool!), although it doesn't
seem to work every time -- it's also attached to this message.

the PR detailed description is included below.



The commits represented in this PR comprise the following edits:

      Polish abstract.

      Convert "Use Cases" section into an "Introduction" containing a
"use cases" subsection.

      Add explanatory material to Introduction.

      Make modest clarifying alterations to the use cases proper.

      Polish/clarify "Conformance" section.

      Add RFC2119 statement and reference.

      Move "Terminology" section to be after "Conformance".

      Polish/Expand "Terminology" section.

      Move biblio.json into index.src.html and rename biblio.json to

      Added some folks to #acknowledgements.

Note 1: this PR includes an experiment regarding section titles that
refer to WebAuthn API WebIDL objects -- altered the WebAuthn Assertion
section to contain a link directly into the IDL rather than be
self-referential -- seems more useful to me, WDYT ?

Note 2: this PR creates a diffs subdirectory, containing a diff of
rendered plain-text of this index.src.html from the latest in master.

Fixes #92.

makes some progress on #66 et al.
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