Re: Seeking co-editor for Permission API or test reviewer

Thanks folks who replied and offered to help! (bcc'd)

I'll follow up with privately with you shortly and walk you through what's involved.

Thanks again!!!  

> On 26 Aug 2021, at 5:17 pm, Marcos Caceres <> wrote:
> Hi WebAppSec, 
> Tl;dr: I'm seeking a co-editor for the Permissions API and/or test reviewer... or just an active reviewer. Happy to mentor you if you are new to spec editing.
> I'm currently working on updating the Permissions API with the aim of getting it to CR by the end of the year. Unfortunately, one of our fantastic Editors, Mounir Lamouri, has had to step down as editor due to different work commitments. This has left us a bit under-resourced. 
> I'm wondering if anyone is willing to step up to help us finish the spec? I'm happy to mentor/guide anyone who is interested. The spec is in a really good state, so there is not too much to do - but not having reviewers is blocking us making progress (specially with the tests, because I can't merge them without review).  
> Kind regards,
> Marcos  

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