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>  Hi. Sorry for chipping in late to the discussion, I was thinking about
> it.
> We have proposals for a bunch of complex algorithms about how the pinned
> policy and individual page policies interact. Those algorithms fall into 2
> categories: those that may not be flexible enough, and those that make my
> head hurt J
> Instead, may I propose something much simpler: a “pin” that just says “my
> <site> has a CSP, and here it is <pointer>” that forces the browser to go
> get it. Individual pages can over-ride that policy, but the policy applies
> to any pages that don’t have one. Don’t like how that works out? Go update
> your site’s policies, but *none* of your actual policies are pinned, so
> you have complete power to update anything you want whenever you want.

I don't think this addresses the use case that Yoav and Dmitry are pointing
to. Also, is relevant to
your suggestion (note that positive feedback from Microsoft (and Akamai!)
would be appreciated!)

Consider a single-page site that loads in content via XHR or `fetch()`.
Currently, setting a policy is only possible if it includes _every_
resource that might be loaded by the application in any of its many states.
That is, you'd need to whitelist all the admin resources, even though 99%
of the users aren't ever going to touch the admin tools.

This leads to overly broad policies that don't protect much of anything.
The question, then, isn't "How do we get a policy?", but "How do we allow a
page to modify the policy that's currently active in a trusted way?"

Yoav's suggestion is that we mark requests in some way as "CSP altering".
That seems reasonable.

My suggestion was that we split the policy into a baseline that can't be
changed, and a mutable layer that can be changed (along with an API to do

I'm not thrilled with either of these, honestly. However, I think it's
worth exploring these variants to see if we come up with something good. :)


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