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[clipboard] Semi-Trusted Events Alternative

[minutes] 2020-08-26 WebApp Manifest & MiniApp Manifest Discussion

[Reminder] Call for Exclusions: Image Resource

A Less Ephemeral Web

Auto-managed GitHub teams

CFC to publish "Manifest App Info" as a WG Note

Date/time of the WebApps WG meeting at TPAC

Fwd: [ReSpec]: New features and fixes! 🎁

Fwd: Neutral language in W3C specifications

Fwd: Process 2020 for Spec Editors

Minutes from brief meeting with Chris Heilmann / Microsoft about potential for adding ARIA-in-HTML validation into Edge Developer Tools

Proposal and implementation for full FOL in JSON-LD

PSA: Feature Policy is now Permissions Policy

Review request: Web Share API

Updated W3C Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC)

Virtual TPAC meetings

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