Re: Proposal and implementation for full FOL in JSON-LD

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Notation3 lately, and one of my objectives is to define an adequate abstract syntax for Notation3, such that a variation on JSON-LD could emit triples in that syntax. (Note generalized datasets defined in RDF Concepts [1] are a good start towards this). This basically means using first-class list resources, introducing quantified variables, treating named graphs as embedded formula and allowing any resource in any position (with restrictions on properties, due to syntax considerations, likely). A conforming Notation3 reasoner could then operate on the results of parsing JSON-LD into this syntax, emit results as JSON-LD, and allow interoperability with rules defined in N3.

JSON-LD anonymous named graphs are already very much like formulae, given the way the graph value of a property (@conatiner: @list) creates a blank node which is both the value of that property and the name of an associated named graph.

There have been calls for first-class collections in RDF before, and Notation3 shows how important they can be. They are used in argument lists to builtins, and representing as first/rest chains interferes with the existential quantification property of blank nodes, and makes BGP matching of antecedent formulae using these lists impractical.

The proposed spec for JSON-LD* [2] already provides a mechanism for creating a triple as the value of @id, and extending this ability to allow for literals and lists could follow on that work.

Gregg Kellogg


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>> Hi,
>> Maybe you are interested of a fresh JSON-LD-compatible draft proposal for the JSON format of logic for provers:
>> There is a live pure-browser prover playground for the syntax
>> running my prover using Wasm.
>> Any comments and suggestions would be most welcome!
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> Hi Tanel,
> I invite you to a similar project: Notation3.
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