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Personalization TF Summary: Direction for Implementation

From: Charles LaPierre <charlesl@benetech.org>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 14:59:12 +0000
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Hello everyone,
I wanted to make sure that the result from some private conversations were made public so that we have an official archive from these discussions.  Note that the comments from Léonie and Marcos were their own personal opinions and not the consensus from Web Plat/Apps Working Group.

From our internal discussions we believe that the best way forward on how Personalization semantics should be implemented is to use the HTML attribute "data-". The reason being that we can experiment and see how this can be used for various token values, textual/symbolic replacement and URL destination options.

From our understanding this is one way the data- attribute was intended to be used on promoting experimentation while the specification is still under development.  Once we prove this is a viable option with some early adopters and can prove this could be beneficial for everyone we can then ask the HTML WG in whatever capacity that may end up being to add to the core and remove the data- prefix to allow for native Browser support.  I hope this sounds like a reasonable direction to pursue as we have some early adopters who have had to change there implementation efforts a few times now and their funding will be running out soon.

Thank you
Charles LaPierre
co-facilitator of Personalization Task Force under APA WG.

On Mar 4, 2019, at 12:42 AM, Marcos Caceres <marcos@marcosc.com<mailto:marcos@marcosc.com>> wrote:

Hi All,

On Feb 27, 2019, at 10:07 PM, Léonie Watson <lw@tetralogical.com<mailto:lw@tetralogical.com>> wrote:

The TF is looking at using the HTML data- attribute as a way to experiment with the attributes proposed in the PS spec. It will enable the attributes to be tested in the wild, and for polyfills/extensions to be created to facilitate the corresponding visual transformation of HTML elements.

This sounds great.

It's hoped that doing this will give the TF a sense of uptake/adoption, help to iron out any wrinkles with the proposed attributes, and (all other things being equal) provide evidence to help encourage the browsers to implement native support.

It would be good to hear your thoughts on this from a browser engineering perspective. Thanks.

The above sounds really good. Once you have a concrete plan of how to collect data and/or which sites you are going to test on, I'd really like to chat.

I think one of the questions that will come up is how this relates to emojis ... and if this is something that has benefit beyond the web? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself :)

Internally, if we could demo it working, then we can show the value and how it works and we can have some good discussions.

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