Re: Update on IndexedDB-2

On 13/04/2017 19:28, Joshua Bell wrote:
> I landed a minimal update to accommodate #170 - but we're expecting
> further changes on the HTML side to StructuredSerialize that will
> require more updates to IndexedDB, induced by integrating WASM into the
> platform - SharedArrayBuffers (see also #152) and WebAssembly.Modules
> have requirements that expose differences in behavior between simply
> passing data between contexts and storing it. Reconciling the WHATWG and
> W3C versions of HTML here is tracked as
> - but again there's likely to be
> more churn.

Thanks Josh.

We have an HTML telecon on Monday. I'll add this to the agenda, and If 
you or Ali can spare time to attend that would be helpful.

> Other than that... now is as good a time as any to take another snapshot
> of the IndexedDB-2 ED and get reviews by a wider audience.

Is there a list of substantive changes and/or changes for review, made 
since the last WD update? It's helpful to people reviewing the spec 
again if we can narrow down what needs attention.

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