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On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 5:04 AM, Léonie Watson <> wrote:

> On 13/04/2017 19:28, Joshua Bell wrote:
>> I landed a minimal update to accommodate #170 - but we're expecting
>> further changes on the HTML side to StructuredSerialize that will
>> require more updates to IndexedDB, induced by integrating WASM into the
>> platform - SharedArrayBuffers (see also #152) and WebAssembly.Modules
>> have requirements that expose differences in behavior between simply
>> passing data between contexts and storing it. Reconciling the WHATWG and
>> W3C versions of HTML here is tracked as
>> - but again there's likely to be
>> more churn.
> Thanks Josh.
> We have an HTML telecon on Monday. I'll add this to the agenda, and If you
> or Ali can spare time to attend that would be helpful.

Send me the details and I'll do my best.

>> Other than that... now is as good a time as any to take another snapshot
>> of the IndexedDB-2 ED and get reviews by a wider audience.
> Is there a list of substantive changes and/or changes for review, made
> since the last WD update? It's helpful to people reviewing the spec again
> if we can narrow down what needs attention.

Canonical list is the commits, of course:

But in human readable form the substantive changes are

   - Use "spec types" rather than WebIDL types when discussing
   strings/lists of strings away from the bindings code
   - Clarify names/sorted list of names c/o i18n feedback
   - Fix precedence for exception cases when calling transaction() to match
   implementations - this is the only intentional normative change
   - Integrate with [HTML]'s StructuredSerialize/StructuredDeserialize

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