Re: [editing] Leading with ContentEditable=Minimal

If Intention events are (temporarily) moved out of scope, I think this
leads us back to the question of what would contentEditable='minimal' do
exactly?  Enable collapsed selections and default handling of cursor
movement ... anything else?  If this is all it would do, then perhaps what
we really want is an explicit API to enable cursors?

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 11:12 AM, Ben Peters <>

>  There’s been a good deal of discussion about the value of
> contentEditable=minimal. Some of us think that being able to cancel all
> browser actions with preventDefault on all Intention events is enough,
> while others believe that having a single way to stop browsers from taking
> action makes sense. I lean in the direction of the former, but there is
> another consideration- it will take more time to design and build Intention
> events in all cases, so why not work toward making contentEditable=minimal
> available, and then ship Intention events once we have a more complete
> story ready?

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