Re: [webcomponents]: Making Shadow DOM Subtrees Traversable

On 2/25/13 2:43 PM, Scott Miles wrote:
> The good part is that in this forum I get to argue my own opinion, which
> I would say is that of a (single) web developer.

Fair.  ;)

> Ironically, I was trying to argue that these things are on a spectrum
> and that it is in fact not black and white. Often the argument is, "with
> isolation, maintenance is free!" and the alternative is chaos. Seems
> like we both agree this is not true.

Indeed.  Isolation typically reduces the cost of maintenance, but of 
course does not make it free.

> This is the moral hazard argument, which is completely worth discussing.
> Because it's about human nature, I believe there is no objective right
> answer, but my position as a developer is that I'm annoyed when tools
> prevent me from doing something I need to do because somebody else might
> hurt themselves doing it.

I sympathize with that position, for sure.  All I can offer, again, is 
that in our experience this particular issue is a significant problem in 


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