Re: [webcomponents]: Building HTML elements with custom elements

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 3:01 AM, Scott Miles <> wrote:
> Perhaps one other COST of the localName issue is the question of
> document.createElement.
> document.createElement('x-button') creates <button is='x-button'>, people
> complain because the tag names do not match.
> document.createElement('button').setAttribute('is', 'x-button'), doesn't
> work this way, "is" is not a standard attribute (according to me)
> document.createElement('button', 'x-button'), now I cannot encode my tag in
> a single variable (i.e. document.createElement(someTag))
> document.createElement('button/x-button'), I just made this up, but maybe it
> would work.

I think ideally we do none of these and just advocate using a
constructor. The setAttribute() variant can never work. The others
could work, but I don't see the point of enhancing an API we don't
envision using in the long run.)


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