Re: Beacon API

On 02/20/2013 08:24 AM, Reitbauer, Alois wrote:
> My personal experience is different. We found that using img tags is not
> that reliable. Especially in Firefox we recently saw some problems. Img
> tags in general have the disadvantage that the amount of data that can
> be set is rather limited. While this obviously should be kept as small
> as possible, the information available via resource timing will increase
> the amount of data that gets sent.
> Is there a way we can integrate this into a W3C test suite to check how
> different browsers behave in this case

Yes, tests for behaviour around navigation and unload should go in the 
HTML testsuite[1]. There are some guidelines for writing tests at [2], 
but they appear in need of an update to reflect the fact that we now use 
git[hub] rather than mercurial.

If you have any questions, please ask, either on the 
public-html-testsuite list, or in the #whatwg channel on Freenode or on 
the #testing channel on the W3C IRC server.


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