Re: File API for Review

On Feb 6, 2013 8:59 PM, "Arun Ranganathan" <> wrote:
> Greetings WebApps WG!
> Review on the File API is encouraged:
> A few substantial changes that might need particular attention before we
initiate a call for LCWD or something comparably official:
> 1. autoRevoke behavior of Blob URIs has changed.  Previous drafts made
the autoRevoke behavior on by default (by consensus), but didn't harness
revocation to a suitable and unambiguous "scope."  Thanks to a fix to
HTML[1] we can leverage the global script clean-up jobs list, to which we
add revocation of Blob URIs.  Blob URIs are thus either scoped to the next
time global script clean-up jobs are processed (by default), OR when
document unloading steps are processed if the developer opts out of the
default but never pairs it with a call to URL.revokeObjectURL, OR when
URL.revokeObjectURL is called.
> In particular, this behavior defers from shipping implementations such as
IE10.  This is possibly the biggest change:

I would definitely like to get input from other implementers if this is a
change that you are willing to do?

> 2. An utility to smooth line ending variations (Unix vs. Windows) has
been added, but is an orphan interface currently.  Nobody's fussed over
this, and it might not be a problem at all, but I'd like to draw your
attention to it :)  While currently only relevant for DOMString arguments
to the Blob constructor, we might work with the utility to add other
arguments (including ArrayBufferViews, etc.).

Given how recent this addition is, and given that it's fairly easy to
implement in JS directly, I think we should drip this feature from v1 and
reconsider for a later version.

As it stands now it doesn't really seem to add a lot of value.

/ Jonas

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