Re: [webcomponents] Making the shadow root an Element

On 2/12/13 1:11 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> Not given the flattened tree construction algorithm I last saw...  Am I just
>> missing something?
> Right, because it's not an element yet, and thus can't appear in the
> tree like all the other elements do.  Once it becomes an element, I
> presume it would.

I presume it wouldn't; there's no reason for it to.  As in, it's equally 
magic for it to appear and not appear (but its kids appear), as far as I 
can tell.

> Sorry, my mistake.  My point is that it won't appear in the box tree.

Yes, on that we agree, even if we disagree on the reasons for why it 
doesn't appear there.  ;)


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