Re: Re: Keyboard events for accessible RIAs and Games

On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 11:42 AM, Travis Leithead <> wrote:

>  I think we should give it another try by including it in our UI Events
> spec. I like the idea of adding the static queryKeyCap(code) API to
> Keyboard events. I wonder about the name though. A "key capability" doesn't
> sound right. Are we querying for a key's locale name? e.g.,
> queryKeyLocaleName(code)?

SGTM. I'll add a section to the spec for this.

The KeyCap name refers to the "cap" placed over the keyswitch of the
physical keyboard.  It's not a great name since there's no guarantee that
the physical keyboard matches the current locale (although they usually
do). However, the other (more accurate) names that I was able to come up
with at the time were all rather unwieldy.

Taking your name as a base, I think we'd need something like
queryLocaleChar(locale, code) or queryLocaleKey since we'd be returning the
equivalent of the 'char' (or 'key') attribute.

Thinking briefly about this now:
* If we return 'char' equivalents, we won't return dead keys or other
virtual keys.
* If we return 'key' values, then we need to address how to handle
non-printable keys like "Shift" and "Home" that people might expect to be
* I think we'll also want the ability to specify modifier keys to apply to
the 'code' (to generate shifted or AltGr'ed versions).

I'll formalize this a bit more and send something out for comments.


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