Re: Proposal: moving tests to GitHub

On 1/31/13 9:13 AM, "Arthur Barstow" <> wrote:

>As I said during one of the testing breakouts in Lyon, ultimately I
>suspect the saying "beggars can't be choosy" will trump. However, AFAIK,
>currently, only one of WebApps' thirty active specs actually has an
>"outside" contribution. As such, and without any information about a
>relatively high probability we will get contributions from others, this
>move still seems like a lot of "make work".

Ultimately, that's a chicken and egg problem. Moving to GitHub doesn't
guarantee external contributions (there are aspects beyond using Git(Hub)
to involve and retain outside contributors), but the current solution
clearly prevents those.

If crowd-sourcing is part of our strategy to get more tests, (and the
testing meeting we had this week seems to imply it is), then moving to
GitHub is a requirement.


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