Re: File Save As

On 6.1.2013 0:51, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> 3. What should the UI in the browser look like in order to communicate
> to the user that this is different from the <input type=file>
> file-picker which only allows reading.

Well generally OS do have dialogs for Open and Save As, users use those 
allhe time in applications (browser included, when downloading content) 
so what is the problem here?

Or do you mean UI within the page? The actual input rendered on the 
page? First of all, do we need one? One thing is to have input for 
reading file, as a part of form, file (file content) as one property of 
a form, this have been working for web rot 2 decades, desktop 
application works the same way. But why special input here? Why this 
cannot be JS API only trigger by click/whatever?

BTW current input file is an exaple of poor design... the thole thing is 
unstylable, if your application has certain look and feel, this thing 
sticks up like sore thumb and you probably end up with stylable regular 
button and crete fileinput on demand with JS a calling .click() in JS as 


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