Re: File Save As

On 1/5/13 8:35 AM, Florian Bösch wrote:

 > Left clicking the link auto-saves to the downloads folder with the
 > selected file name (no way to choose a location)

That depends on that browser and user settings, fwiw.

> Right click Save As is
> even a bit more counter intuitive and the filename for the blob url
> content is not derived from the a@download attribute.

If that's happening that's a browser bug.  I assume you've filed that?

> - There is no way to trigger a native "Save As" dialog

There are platforms which don't even have such a thing, again fwiw.

> - There is no way to reproduce the classical "Save" functionality
> where the first save will let you choose a location but subsequent
> saves overwrite that file.

This, I agree is a problem.


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