Re: Bringing other Web Components specs into HTML


Some of the specs can be relevant for other specifications as well. Unless you don't want to integrate the whole web stack (SVG, MathML, ...) into the HTML spec, some things should be separated from HTML.


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> Hi,
> now that <template> is in HTML, I was wondering if some of the other 
> specs needed the same treatment.
> Shadow DOM: I reckon definitely not the case, it doesn't really do much 
> monkey patching.
> Custom Elements: Does some monkey patching. What do you reckon is the 
> best option here? Leave the monkey patching alone (a bit painful)? Just 
> import the monkey patching into HTML, remove it from that spec, and have 
> HTML refer to CE? Bring everything in?
> Imports: This one monkey patches a lot. I reckon it's best to import 
> (ha!) it.
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