webappsec tests moved to GitHub


I moved the tests some two weeks ago without telling anyone, because I  
squeezed it in when I had no time anyway (magic trick that).

Most of them lie here as pull requests:  

We didn't really have anything approved, AFAIK. Except for the CORS tests,  
but I have not finished all the review comment fixing on those. I pasted  
them into the pull request though, so it's possible for everyone to see,  
and for someone to help me get it finished. It's really not that much work.

So, what's left of the move? Well, closing write access to our HG repo is  
the only thing left. And when we've done that, I'll take a look to see if  
anything changed between the revision I took in and the repo at that point.

Odin · @odinho · Opera

Received on Wednesday, 5 June 2013 15:30:09 UTC